Wednesday, March 30, 2011

dear friends.

may i know what it takes to be a good friend?
may i know what do we need to wear to be a good friend?
what education must you have for you to walk beside me?
what kind of background must you come from to become my friend?

Dear friend,
i dont care on how you wear your clothes,
i dont care what kind of background that you came from,
because everybody is not the same,
i may come from a good family,
that doesnt mean that im a good person?

Dear friend,
you might not drive a Ferrari.
but that doesnt mean you cant get me there..:)
you might not have the best parents in the world,
but you always have those who love and care about you.

you and me and others are still the same,
education,family and money?
does not make us different.
if you really want to change,
please stand up and go make a change of your life!
i know you can...the problem is, its you yourself you refuse to do it..

adekah kite menilai seseorang dari ape yang mereka pakai untuk jadi kan kawan kite?
adekah kite menilai background family mereka untuk jadikan kawan kite?

selame aku berkawan dengan kau,
aku tak pernah pulak fikir yang kau ni tak same taraf dengan aku ke ape.
kalau orang lain sibuk kejar kan kekayaan orang lain tanpa usaha mereka sendiri,
tak perlu lah kau nak rase rendah diri atau tak setaraf.
sekurang kurang nye, ape yang kau ade kat badan kau,
ape yang kau pakai,
semuanye adelah atas usaha titik peluh diri kau sendiri,
kau patut bangga dengan itu,
tak perlu nak harap kan easymoney dari siape siape,
kau berjaye usaha sendiri.
rezeki masing masing, 
masih ade lagi mase untuk kau ubah mase depan.
belum terlewat. :)


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