Friday, February 12, 2010

Siti Sindirella by anak panggung

Title: Siti Sindirela
done by: Anak panggung.

This fairy tale play is going to be play in 10 minutes,
there are lots of fun scene in this play.
Maybe its because the character in the story,
for example,
the stepmother, is played by a man.
Why am i telling you about this?
It is because I'm in it too!
But, I'm just the "blind lady" with my partner "blind man" who was telling the story
to the audience.
In this play,
me and my partner have to sing a little bit,
this is because this is kind of a musical play.

This is the very first time I got the chance to do something like this,
and i am very much pleased that i get to involved in this.
Every night,
we have to go practice to make sure it'll be perfect.
Every single person who involved in this play were actually having a great time.
Lastly, I hope that everything will turn out well. =)

This was actually the part when they at the ball.

Everyone focusing and giving all the attention.


FAR AWAY said...

can't wait to see the full story of this siti sidirela..

btw, gud luck..
be a good actress..

applemasam said...

thnx bebeh..i will..=)

✿ Cik Cimi said...

siti sindirela.
mcm nama kmpg.

applemasam said...

mmg name kg pon kak..huhu