Wednesday, February 17, 2010

are Our heart are meant tO be broken?

one entry before I go playing badminton with chacha.

it's just that,
something suddenly hit my head just now,
i don't know where it coming from,

Suddenly I realize that,
doesn't matter how you love or want something so bad,
doesn't mean that you will be getting it.

no matter how much hard you fight for it,
if its not for you,
it will never be for us.

why do we always want something that don't belong to us?
why can't we be grateful of what we've got now?
what we got may not be as good as others have.
if you grateful of what you have in your hand,
yours will be great.


manusia, takkan pernah puas dengan ape yang mereka ada.


Anonymous said...

applemasam..masam atau manis masih tetap apple gak...semasam masam apple pun boleh dibuat jus.. manusia memang x penah puas tpi jgn lupa manusia ada sifat jemu.. aku bernama lapan..setuju gak ngan pendapat ko..jagalah dn hargailah ape ape yg ada di sisi mu ketika ia masih disisimu..merangkumi semuanya yg berkaitan dgn hidupmu.. tata.. :)

✿ Cik Cimi said...

the answers 4 this tittle is NO!!!