Tuesday, November 16, 2010

what title wud suit this story best?

she's dreaming again.
about what?
she wasn't sure.
all she knows is she can see HIS name all over the place..
whats that all about?
hasnt she let go yet?
oh~ yes she did..
but, it doesnt work.
all that she can think of HE.
thinking that she is talking to him,
picture that they are together again..
everytime she did that,
she aske herself.
"why do you have to do this?
picturing urself with him?"
she know that it would be useless.
but she cant help it.
she just miss him so damn much.
she would ask herself everyday.
"when will this going to end?"
"when will i met him again?"
she asking that when will he meet HIM,
and not when will she find another person to cure the pain in her heart.
or else,
she should really just kill herself..


Heidi Shafiq said...

i think u should start wipe off ur tears.. bcoz every time rain stop to drops, the rainbow come appears.. so do u.. u'll see that rainbow.. trust me..

applemasam said...

errr...errr..bkn aku....bkn aku...

✿ CikCimi said...

habes sape?
bagi kaki kang.