Friday, November 26, 2010

dun play with LOVE

how easy for you to say that word?
its easy for me to like somebody,
but its not easy for me to say the word.
now that i see you happy with other girlS.

dun mess up with ur look.
u hv a good heart.
i know that.
use ur look n heart wisely!
im just one of the stupid person who happenly fall in love with you!
because you came to me!
you gave me hope that i can believe in love again!
at the end?
you treat me like i never was in your heart!

thank you so much.


Heidi Shafiq said...

uh.. ayam percik tadi sedap giler.. mmmpp..!!!

✿ CikCimi said...

babab kang !
ce jgn pkr psl dy.