Friday, December 24, 2010

Hopefully its really is the END

after this,
i wont go look for you,
i'll keep all ur thing in a box.
a box where i'll keep it far away from me.
so that i wont go look for them.
i really want it to be history.

i think its amistake that we decide to be a lover before.
what past is past right..
im so ashamed of ur blog entry,
is bcoz its true.
and i cant handle it.
i dun wanna feel any pressure anymore.

i cant even look at ur picture,
not even ur name.
i'll feel sad.
whatever it is.
if we meet again in the future,
thats mean God want us to be friend,
but if we dun,
means we really cant hv any relationship..
not even as friend.

good luck fer u..
this is the END.
u wont hear anything from me anymore.


ieqa said...

this is sad :(
be strong kak! chaiyok chaiyok!

Heidi Shafiq said...

end this story.. start a new life.. no more emo-emo oke.. :)

ilydollyxiouse said... ur life kak! :D

Anonymous said...

aku sedih!