Sunday, May 8, 2011

I Love My Mama!

Mother's day is coming and what is your gift to your mom?
last year i bought my mum a vinnci handbag that she wanted so much.
As for this year, im running out of ideas. as i don't have money to bought her present.
So, this entry is for you mama! :)

A little detail from my background ,
I have 3 siblings and i am the youngest. 
ramai yang cakap, oo...anak last..patut la manje...huh?
aku ganas kot..bile plak manje manje nih...:P

as i grew up, 
my attitude is different from my brother and sister.
aku jenis keras kepale sket, and suke melawan.
ish ish ish.
kakak and abang aku pandai pandai.
aku seorang je lah yang kurang pandai sket.
tapi parents aku tak pernah lagi give up dengan aku.
Specially my mama,
mama percaye aku akan jadi orang yang bergune satu hari nanti. 

i know i've letting you down over and over again because of my damn attitude.
I love you mama, and i will be someone useful in the future.
I'll make you proud one day....muah!

p/s: for those who didn't get the chance to wish Happy mothers day to their mom,
dun be sad. knowing that you have lost yours just make us appreciate our mom more..


asfz lily said...

happy mother day sayang :D

bukudiarysofea said...

Mama happy mother's day yah!

bunga said...

ibu..ibu engkaulah ratu hatiku..heheh..

adan said...

semoga menjadi orang yang berguna kelak er.. yakin pada diri sendiri..