Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sweet cupcakes!
cupcakes or "cuppies", is what they call now,
is famous among us now.
It's more like a trend nowadays,
people tend to choose cupcakes to celebrate,
someone's birthday,anniversary or gift.
It is now comes with many kind of design,
as people who are doing this business is quit a big number.
Here's a some of the pretty examples of cuppies design.

this cuppies over here is made by my own friend, Iman Nur Sadiy.

There some people who choose to promote their services in this field via online booking.

The cuppies give away is definitely a really sweet gift. You should surprise your family or your love one by giving them these sweet and tasty cupcakes!


✿ Cik Cimi said...

nmpak sedap.
sape la nak bg kat aku nih.

FAR AWAY said...

I love the last cuppies picture..

applemasam said...

Cimi: saba yea kak..ur time will come..

far: the last one??not so nice for me..hahaha