Friday, February 12, 2010

my big obsession towards this blue creature!

Lilo and Stitch the famous cartoon movie. Almost all the children in this world had fallen in love with the little blue creature name Stitch! and I certainly heart him so much!

syg stitch! feel like wanna hug him all the time!!!

ahaaaa~~isn't he cute?

falling in love with him...haaaa....

stitch with his new friends!! huhu

so cute! this is the first moment i meet him!
luv it!!!

hug him!!

stitch wif the big bully! pypo!


✿ Cik Cimi said...

so cute.
lend it to me.

FAR AWAY said...

what big bully pypo?
that pypo belongs to me..
want to fight ek?

applemasam said...

cimi: lend it to you??then my baby will lose all his hair!..=)

far: hahaha..his owner is a big bully!

FAR AWAY said...

oo..kutuk aku ye..
siap ko pasni tyka..