Monday, April 19, 2010

please...he's not my "anak ikan"

"anak ikan?"
i dun like that word..
its bcoz u guys are my friends.
i'll ignore it.

he's not my "anak ikan",
he's my heart beat now..

me and him,
there's so much different between us,
saying that i'm not the right one for him,
juz bcoz of our age.
age is juz a number baby..
i know,
i'm not pretty enough for him,
not good looking enough for him!
i'm really happy with him right now..
really happy.

my tears almost fall..
why do i always care about how would people gonna say?
its bcoz i wanna people be happy for us too..

dun look at me like i'm a bitch!
dun look at me like i'm a slut!
dun look at me like you're better than me!
coz i'm juz living my normal life searching for my happiness!

so please....
i like him~
i love him~
i dun wanna lose him~


arie said...


xpayah la pk ape org kata.
bia je.mulut org xley nak tutup.

yes.age only a number.

dont be sad ok tyka.
as long as ur happy.
im happy for that.
smile for the new chapter of you dear. :)


applemasam said...

thnx aina!!
sayang aina lebih!!!

✿ Cik Cimi said...

aina rite.
age is only a NUMBER oke.
pegi la mam*** dgn owg kate.

iylia diyana said...


stop crying dear...ske sgt nanges...jgn jd seorg yg tlalu pnyedih,k...

dlm idup ni byk bnd yg lbh memerlukn phatian n air mate mu yg bharge,stop crying babe..

myb dorg xske k mu epy...

but as long as mu epy, just ignore wut other ppl said...

just listen 2 ur heart...itz better but still think first...k..

gd luck my dear fren,tyka...