Thursday, March 8, 2012

unpleasant feeling.

I don't know why I have all this feeling.
I hate checking my facebook notification every 5minute,
checking my twitter account, just to see your status,
check if you're online.
checking my phone every 5 seconds,
just to wait for your text or your calls.

I don't know why..
It seems like you have less interest on me now.
or is it just me ?

If you didn't text or call me,
and there I'll be..
keep on wondering what were you doing.
keep on wondering didn't you miss me ?

I know I have been hurt so many times.
but that doesn't mean I'm immune to heartache.

Guess this is why I hate being in love again.
I hate having all this unpleasant feeling that make me feel sad and down in sorrow.
I can't be selfish.
I can't expect him to be with me all  the time.
That's a commitment that he cannot give me.
I understood that myself from the beginning.
I have been prepared myself from the start.
But I'm just a girl who are searching for a happiness.
And I'm melting by the way you treat me.
I let my guard down, put aside my ego for you.

I love you, that is all and that is it.

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