Saturday, March 10, 2012

Love Says it All

when you ask me,
"ape saye ni pada awak?"
and I answered,
"entah la awak."
you sound disappointed .

Sorry love,
I didn't mean to answer that.
I was still insecure about myself,

The truth is,
I want to say that you're someone's special to me,
you're mean something to me.
you're not just someone to me.

This relationship that we had.
We didn't put a label on it.
So I don't know what exactly to call you.
Are you my boyfriend ?
Am I your girlfriend ?
 nope.. we didn't label it.
And this is exactly what I called the new revolution of Relationship.
where we didn't label ourselves but we know how we feel about each other.

I am writing this entry just to let you know,
you're someone that I can call "addiction"
because I'm addicted to you.

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sarah zulkifli said...

Wowoot wowoott.