Saturday, January 7, 2012

any plan for 2012?

2011 gave me such heartache.
I can't bear with the pain.
I'm hoping 2012 will give me happiness.
from now and then, things change.
so much.
have we ever think about sudden change ?
the change that we didn't even expect.
the change that we don't want to...but we have to..

I've been there..
the sudden change that I have to accept..
that change that I have to get use to..
the change that I wish I never have to..

3 times...3 times someone came into my life..
make my life happy..
make me live my life to the fullest again..
when I'm feeling at the top of the world..
there they were..
let me fall alone..

Now ?
I'm fact, I'm too scared too look ahead..
Can't even see it..can't even imagine it.
the road is too dark to predict..

but that doesn't mean we have to give up right ? :)
turn to HIM..
insyaAllah...HE'll help me guide trough all this....


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