Thursday, March 4, 2010

a tOtally SUPERB show!

Title: Siti Sinderela.
DOne by: Anak Panggung.
these are the people who are in the drama team.
these guys had shown their best to make this drama a big success!
cOngratulation again!
it was definitely a good chemistry among them.
madam temah, bolihbla and putra boon are the best among all.
but still,
the rest of them are also good entertainer too!
this was captured after we were done performing the drama..
what a relief... we are so satisfied that we win the crowd!
as u can see there,
there's two prizes.
one is for us..
because we got in the third place in musical drama (not muzikal since were in english carnival)
and a big win for "language game team"!
u guys certainly deserve it!