Friday, February 24, 2012


we've been given choices for us to choose.
it is up to ourselves to decide.
day by day has left us,
minutes by minutes, hours by hours, 
we had wasted.
what had we achieve?

suddenly, you're in the middle of a junction.
you know there's road for you to go
but you can't choose because suddenly it is too dark for to decide.

meaning to say that,
we didn't realize how much time we have wasted.
all of sudden you're grown up. you need to make your own decision.
how are you going to know that you're making the right decision ?
follow your heart won't solve anything. thinking too much will ruin everything.

every now and then, no matter what. if we turn to HIM,
we'll guide you to the right path.
if the road was too hard for you to go trough, be strong. 
because you don't know what kind of victory awaits you. 


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