Monday, July 19, 2010

why is it so hard for you to find time for me?

im crying inside..
im trying so hard to find time for you.
to make sure you dont feel abandon by me.
to make sure im there everytime you need me.

it seems like..
you dont need me..

you said that this sem was no fun,
n maybe that fun makes your pointer drop..
u didnt think b4 you said that did you?
dont i include apart from that fun moment?

kenape i nk nges kalau u need ur space?
its because,
my space is full with you all over it.
and i just want you to be in it.

everything seems like falling apart now..
i feel like crying all the time..

i love you.
i miss you so much..

please do find time for me.
im begging you.